memorable soshi moments of 2013


Hyoyeon dancing to ‘My Goodies’ in the very first SMTown Concert *-*

Happy birthday to @LC__EunB Ladies’ Code multi-talented mime, dancer, and professional air ping pong player. Hope you have a wonderful birthday and don’t turn away any presents.

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Seohyun & Hyoyeon at the red carpet MAMA 2013

Can we just take a minute to appreciate all the flawless going on here

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hot damn sooyoung gracing the red carpet at style icon awards

I can’t look at this gifset for too long because I can’t handle all the flawless that is happening here.


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“ If you put me and Sooyoung together, it’s the most fun.” - Hyoyeon 


Sy__Jessica: Happy hyoyeon day No need for more words!


Sy__Jessica: Happy hyoyeon day No need for more words!

# HYOSIC # HappyHyoyeonDay


A Vignette of Kim Hyoyeon.

Kim Hyoyeon, a portrait of a true performer;
A true performer isn’t just simply a talented individual who can pull the slickest moves, or hits the highest notes. A true performer is one who finds meaning in their performance, with an appreciation of the stage. Kim Hyoyeon has my utmost respect. She has the talent and ability to outshine anyone that stands in the same stage as her. But not once did she have a selfish mindset. She has always approached the stage humbly. She found contentment in doing what she loved most, and that is performing with the group. From a girl who was once silhouette dancer, she has indeed blossomed into a polished performer and an iconic legend in her own right.

Kim Hyoyeon, through the eyes of Girls’ Generation;
To the members of Girls’ Generation, Hyoyeon is their energy. Her four-dimensional antics and quirkiness encapsulates that charming personality of hers that infects joy to everyone around her. Her presence in the group is something that cannot be replaced. Like her members constantly say, Hyoyeon is the reason they smile. She is huge strength to the group. Whether it is on the stage, or behind the curtains, she protects the group by being her, and nothing else.

Have a Happy Birthday Hyoyeon! It’s been a pleasure to see you grow as a performer and a person.